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Home » ‘Ask me anything…?!’ – trialling ChatGPT for the first time

‘Ask me anything…?!’ – trialling ChatGPT for the first time

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During the iDODDLE Living Lab event on October 28 2023, participating households had the opportunity to interact with ChatGPT, an AI-enabled digital chatbot, by asking it any question that came to their mind. To overcome the ‘blank page hurdle’, Marcel, who moderated the stall, prepared short snippets containing questions that often occur in ‘daily life’. The prompts covered a wide range of topics, including cooking & recipes, health & wellness, travel recommendations (& many more..) (fun fact: the list of suitable questions was created by ChatGPT itself).

After trialling ChatGPT, participants were asked to share their feedback with us. Here is a selection of their written responses:

Q: ‘How did you perceive the use of ChatGPT?’

A: “Surprisingly useful!”, “impressive, but often inaccurate”, “not very useful, apart from here in the lab”, “very positive – I’ll keep using it”