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Bits ‘n’ bytes: Living Lab and national stories

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On October 28, 2023, the iDOODLE team held the event “Changing Perspectives: The Daily Life of Digital” in Oxford for our living lab households. As part of this event, our team member Mariana Gaytan Camarillo shared valuable insights from a national survey on perceptions of digitalisation in daily life. These insights were then compared with findings from a survey conducted a year ago when participants registered for the living labs.

The interactive session delved into the results, shedding light on people’s confidence in using digital technologies such as smart thermostats and shared bikes. It also explored the extent to which individuals are concerned about data privacy. Remarkably, the results from the living labs (N=73) aligned closely with those reported in the larger UK national survey (N=2013). Results indicated a general confidence among people in incorporating digital technologies in their daily life. Concerns about data privacy were distributed evenly across low, medium, and high levels in both the living labs and the National survey. However, a noteworthy distinction emerged when examining age groups. In the National UK sample, young adults predominantly expressed medium concern about data privacy when using digital technologies in daily life. In contrast, within the Oxford living labs sample, individuals aged 65 and above were the ones that reported a medium concern about data privacy and use of digital technologies in daily life.

The insights unveiled during this event underscored the significance of living lab households’ participation in the iDODDLE project. By contributing to research on how people integrate digital technologies into their daily lives, the living labs play a crucial role in advancing our understanding of this evolving landscape.

View her presentation here.