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Workshop at INET: Systems Mapping: Futures Directions 

On May 24, Poornima participated in a systems mapping workshop at the Institute for New Economic thinking (INET, Oxford Martin School), organised jointly by INET and the Cascade Institute (Royal Roads University, Canada). The objective of workshop was to discuss systems mapping methods: their current state and future directions, avenues for methodological innovation, and the tools available and needed for visualisation. Workshop participants included practitioners of systems methods from academia and government.  

The workshop began with a general discussion on the current state of systems methods, with some participants making short presentations about their work, or sharing provocations for the group to discuss. Through this, the group came up with a list of topics of interest to explore in smaller groups. After lunch, there was time to form breakout groups and deep dive into one of the topics from the previous session, sharing experiences, identifying gaps, and ways to bridge them.  In the final session of the day, we regrouped to share insights from our group discussions, and to a build common understanding on ways forward.